Anonymous said: This will be my second year as a CA and housing is adding a third girl in rooms designed for two. I'm going from 54 to 84 girls. Any suggestions?

There really isn’t much you can do about the situation housing has put on you, what I do suggest is that you definitely get roommate agreement forms to all the rooms with 3 girls and have them done as quickly as possible and have them sign it. Since later it may become a problem if there is an issue they just come to you and ask about the agreement and you can move from there.

If I have to be honest with you I would say expect some major roommate mediation in the future, not from all rooms but from some. It’s hard enough having to adapt to a new living environment with one person. 

Hope that helps!



Anonymous said: Hi! I'm the person who wrote to you a couple months ago about being an alternate. I received an offer for a position a couple of days ago and I'm so excited! I just wanted to say thanks to you and everyone else for the encouraging words :D

You’re welcome and enjoy being an RA.



beetleears said: I'm a freshman and the end of the year is coming up. I had the perfect RA this year and my roommate and I want to do something for her. I was wondering if you had any advice or ideas for something we residents can do to give back.

I would ask some of her co-workers about her favorite candy bar or favorite baked good. Those tend to be great physical gifts to give an RA. It really depends on how much you wanna spend.

Sometimes though just saying thank you is rewarding enough for us, we do what we do because we care not because we’re paid or have to do it. :)

Hope that answers your question.



Anonymous said: I am currently a RA for the apartments for my school, and I was rehired for next year in the Res. Halls on campus. Any advice for the transition? I'm afraid I won't be able to come up with any program ideas (passive and active). Especially, since I only have to do 3 programs for the apartments.

It should be a fun transition.

I’m sure you Coordinator or boss would be happy to help you figure out some programs, most ResHalls carry some sort of books on programs that you can do and what type it fits. If they don’t you can always check reslife.net which has a lot of programs from other RAs around the nation. 

You’ll also have other RAs that can help you and give you some pointers.

Trust me you will adapt, and no one will probably expect you to be a master at it since you are just starting.

My biggest suggestion is ASK QUESTIONS! If you don’t know what to do or are confused about something do not be afraid to ask.

Also just have fun with it, and talk to your residents and see what they want around your floor because if you do stuff they like you will have more people coming to your programs.



audra-accalia said: for the person applying and needs a creative presentation. i made a ppt interactive treasure map (where things on the "map" were links that took me to different slides on that subject). and i made each theme pirate themed such as "ideas for doldrums days" for "impromptu programing." and then i dressed up as a pirate and didn't slip out of character. accent and all. just remember to make it fun and it'll work out. good luck!



ohthisismuchworse said: I just got an an evaluation from my residents, it was mostly good, but how can I get to know the residents so late in the year without being sort of creepy about it? They don't come to my programs. Also, any tips on how I can be more visible on my floor, other than just being around more?

Good Job on getting a good eval from your resident! :D

As for getting to know them this late in the year I would suggest that you do some floor only programs (I would include food since college students tend to like free food) and just do some bonding there, don’t be turn off if not a lot of residents show up, get to know those few that do! (this next part may help answer the second part of that question) I would start making some personal invites, maybe create cards with their names on them telling them about the program and telling them what’s going to happen.

If residents still don’t come to a program go around one night and just go door to door or every other door and ask what type of a program would you like to have on the floor/community? Then proceed to do it of course :P, If one of them wants to have their own program talk to your supervisor and see if something can be worked out to help them, I feel like most Residence Halls would be more than happy to help financially if a resident wants to host a program.

Hopefully that will help.

As to how you can be visible on the floor more, have some open door hours (if you don’t already) and make sure you do them, have the door open and just make a sign or something saying “Come ask me a question or just chill with me” and that will help you be seen more and obviously help you create relationships with your residents (which goes with the above). Another thing you can do is make a get to know your RA poster, and just put info about you and see if any of your residents connect, believe me if they do they will tell you, and want to talk to you about it.


Anonymous said: Hi! I'm applying to be an RA at a small school in western mass, and I have my interview coming up during which i have to do a 5 minute creative presentation! I'm so nervous, I don't know what do for my presentation yet. Any ideas? Or other tips?

I would suggest going to Google and researching a bit of what it means to be an RA and some of the responsibilities, and the qualities an RA should have and then just make a fun presentation about yourself or that highlight the strong points in your personality that would make you worthy of the RA title.

Hope that helps. :)


Anonymous said: For the RA who is presenting I would suggest RA bonding. You have been there for so long so show them how you guys bonded and can bond and what it is good for. How you have seen it develop over the years.

Thanks! :)


Anonymous said: Hello! I'm a second year RA at a small college. Each year that I've been at my college there has been only one RA that re-applies for a third year. This year it's me! In order to apply for a third year I have to do a presentation instead of an interview. I was given two options for my presentation and they were very dry and distant from what I've done. I do have the option of creating my own topic and was looking for ideas. It needs to be something formal. I would love some help! Thanks!

I would think about something that you’ve done at the job and are really good at and make a PowerPoint (or something of the like) out of it and just have fun with it. Think about how you wish it had been taught to you. Think what little tips and tricks you use in that area that make it easier or more efficient and talk about that.

Make sure the presentation stays formal but at the same time has your personality in it.

Anyone can present something, but making it personal makes it easier for people to remember and it sticks.

For the topic again pick something YOU are good at because it will make it easier. Look over the things you went over your training and pick you’re top 3 and then just have fun with it.

Hope that helps.


Anonymous said: To the anon that got selected for alternate: I was alt both my years actually! The second year I got pulled up to replace a girl that didn't return her second year. First year it sucked going thru the motions but I was closer to everyone after :)